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Fitness training for



Active Pregnancy

We're here to help you embrace the challenges that pregnancy brings and to provide you with appropriate, safe, and effective prenatal fitness programs which will help you experience a more joyful and active pregnancy.

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Anyone considering one of the classes with Empowered Fit + Wellness, I highly recommend it! I went into labor feeling stronger and more confident (dare I say empowered) than I did with my first. And I ended up having the natural, unmedicated birth I’d hoped for, and a faster recovery time than I could’ve imagined! Leslie is wonderful!!! (Note my first labor was induced and was 3 days long with a rough recovery, so I’m so grateful we had a different experience and that Leslie helped me trust my body with this second labor
— Caitlin H.

Motherhood + Wellness

Motherhood comes with a barrage of responsibilities and new challenges. Taking the time to address your personal wellness through fitness will not only help you through this amazing new season of life, but will allow you to enjoy it stronger than ever before.

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I definitely recommend signing up with Leslie for any of your pregnancy or postpartum healing needs. I signed up to help heal my muscle separation after having my son in 2016. She is so motivating during your workouts and I have seen amazing results!
— Gracie V.