3 Tips For Postpartum Recovery

Postpartum Recovery

I remember the days, weeks, and months it took for my body to fully feel back to normal postpartum. Between childbirth, vaginal tearing, sleep deprivation and caring for a brand new baby, my body didn't feel the same. I was desperate to get back to my old life of feeling good, daily chores, and workouts, but my body just wasn't ready for that, can you relate? In this post I want to share with you 3 tips that helped me heal and prepare my body for movement postpartum.

Tip #1 Rest 

I know this is the one tip you keep hearing over and over again that seems impossible to achieve. The thing about rest is that it requires giving yourself permission to do it without feeling guilty. I wanted to continue doing everything after giving birth such as doing dishes, cleaning, working out but I ended up learning the hard way the importance of slowing down. I began to experience an increase in my bleeding which was my body's way of telling me that I was doing too much.  We as women are wired to go, go, go at all times that sometimes we have to accept that our bodies have gone through a major transformation. They have given us the gift of life and as difficult as it may be, we must slow down and allow our body to recover. 

Tip #2 Diaphragmatic Breathing 

Practicing this type of breathing is one of the best things you can do for your body postpartum. Here's what Fit For Birth has to say about the benefits of diaphragmatic breathing "Diaphragmatic breathing is a regulator of pH balance in the body, which affects the biochemistry, which affects the hormonal system, which can affect the mental-emotional-cognitive balance, breathing is a master regulator of the human condition". Practicing diaphragmatic breathing will help you connect to your core, reduce stress, and provide a gentle massage to your organs. "How do I do this?" It's simple! Get in a comfortable position and place your hands on your belly. Now take a deep breath in through your nose, as you inhale you want to feel your belly and ribs expanding. As you exhale notice your belly descending gentlyYou can also check out this video of me explaining the importance of diaphragmatic breathing. 

Tip #3 Pelvic Floor Activations 

Connecting to your pelvic floor postpartum is very important to improve blood flow and bring awareness to the pelvic area. As a postpartum Mama start with on and off contractions, this move consists of turning your pelvic floor on and off. During the on you want to pretend that you are sipping through a straw using your vagina, by connecting and lifting the pelvic floor muscles. Now on the off you stop sipping through the straw and completely relax the muscles.

If you experienced any vaginal tearing during childbirth this may be very difficult to do. Begin with a gentle connection of the muscles with your main focus being on bringing awareness to the area. Once the muscles begin to gain strength you may add a deeper connection and lift during the exercise.

Remember that our core and pelvic floor muscles are all about balance, as much as we want to strengthen the muscles we must also learn how to relax them. For additional exercises and to learn how to perform these exercises download our FREE inner core unit exercise guide. Perfect for any stage of Motherhood.